Why do you need lawyers in Barcelona?

When you start a business in winery, for example, you usually want to minimize costs, and so sometimes you are tempted to do many things on your own, to save you professional fees. However, hiring a lawyer for your business has many advantages, provided you do it with discretion. I’ll give you some recommendations on this topic.

The world of business is complex. Unlike individuals who benefit from protective laws, often in business the law gives more freedom to establish the rules of the game between the parties. This means that you have to be very careful when writing contracts and there is no better option than delvy lawyers Barcelona. An error or a forgetfulness in a clause can have great consequences.

Is it a good idea to hire a lawyer?

In this sense, hiring a lawyer specializing in companies is something like having insurance. If you do your job well, the contracts you have drafted or revised will protect you in case something goes wrong. Nowadays, it is true that there is a lot of documentation available on the Internet, with contract models for any situation. In theory you can do things on your own, but if you do not have legal knowledge, you expose yourself not to distinguish between an appropriate document and a poorly worded, and probably will not know how to adapt it to your needs.

Not to mention that the job of a lawyer is not only writing contracts, but also advise you on the options that best suit you in a whole series of business situations: business setting, rental negotiation, negotiation with suppliers or with customers, contracting personnel, relations with public administrations, and many others. And that is not enough to know the theory, but also the practice. Because sometimes certain actions have very long terms, or hidden costs, or risks, and it is better to opt for alternative options.

The first thing you need to be clear about is what you need. If you do not know very well why you’re going to need a lawyer, then it’s probably still too early to find one. Once you have it clear, you have to analyze which are the most suitable professionals to deal with the issue, because the law is a very broad subject and you need someone specialized, you do not get any lawyer.

Avoid mistakes with legal consequences

For example, if you are valuing the possibility of buying another company, you have at least two options to do so: acquire only the goodwill of the same or buy the shares of the current shareholders. In this case, you most likely need a tax lawyer, who will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and the associated tax costs. In such a case, do not cut yourself to ask for references to the lawyer about your experience in similar cases. It is very important that you work with a person skilled in the art.

The direct consequence of what I have just told you is that in reality, you will not hire a lawyer but several, depending on your needs. If you want to have a regular partner, you can choose to work with a law firm that carries several specialties or go contacting professionals independently.