Devote your five senses to wine

vineyard-mainThere is no doubt that, beyond the fashion, the wine is the alcoholic beverage most consumed in the whole world. But to get to those magnificent wines that can reach astronomical figures of money, behind there is a process that goes to the vineyards, where the care of the grape is extremely thorough for you to grow with the best conditions for then to offer a wine that will delight our palates.

However, the wine is not only enjoyed with the sense of taste, like girls of Or at least it should not. In fact, when doing a wine tasting in the conditions for tasting a good wine or simply to capture the differences between different types, taste is the last of the senses that comes into play. But yes, the palate and the taste buds are the ones that most enjoy, especially a few more flavours keep the wine in question. There’s nothing like a wine that is broad in the mouth to capture all of its essence and enjoy to the maximum.

But what is certain is that, like almost everything, the wine enters the eye. But most important of all of the wine is, inevitably, the liquid we drink, there is no doubt that wineries are increasingly more concerned about the “packaging”, and is that a bottle attractive and a different label, either through a design evocative or because it includes data of interest, also contributes to the desire to pre-taste the broth at issue. In addition, the view allows you to know what wine it is -white, red or rosé- and some of their characteristics, as can be the needle or if it is sparkling. Obviously, the different shades also can be seen with the eyes.

After the hearing, the pituitary makes act of presence. He sticks his nose in the cup to catch all of the fragrances that holds the wine. After spending some time in a barrel, all the elements that have come into play are interspersed, but even so, a smell, a trained and knowledgeable is able to distinguish all the ingredients that contribute to making that even a work of art (or the opposite). Obviously, it is difficult to know capture everything, so the tasting and learning can help you have a greater knowledge and, as a consequence, a greater enjoyment.

And what about the touch? It may seem that does not come into play, but if we take a cup and feel its temperature, we know the temperature at which it is located. Likewise, a good glass of wine that will be pleasing to the mouth and hands will make the experience something more full and satisfactory.

We cannot also forget of the ear, especially at the moment of uncorking a bottle. Without doubt, when we remove the stopper to a bottle of champagne, the feeling of the starting of which is implied, as giving us permission to start enjoying the liquid. There is no doubt that the latter of these two senses play a minor role at the time of tasting a good wine, but if you want to live a full experience, you can take an interest in each and every one of these aspects and know to the fullest the magic of a good wine.

It is of vital importance to share the moments of tasting wine with people who know how to value it. Not have to be purists or experts in the field, but there are certain procedures that need to be put into value to maximize the enjoyment. The nice thing of the current times is that much research has been done on the subject and, consequently, we can find numerous publications, both in web pages as well as in bookstores for the reader to be aware of the characteristics and processes of the elaboration of a good wine. This allows, when having a broth in the mouth, the knowledge is greater.

At the end of the day, wine is a hobby like any other, that not only provides us with pleasure in the mouth (and head), but that drunk in moderation it also has beneficial properties for the human body. That’s why, instead of consume it without hesitation, without stopping to enjoy its smell, its taste or its different shades, what you need to do is to educate yourself and learn from the best so that the experience of tasting a wine is as complete as possible.